Tung Chen Wei

Master Tung Chen Wei was born in Los Angeles, California in 1977. He is naturally intelligent and active, and is inclined to be bold and uninhibited. He is also modest and respectful with people.

It was obvious that Grandmaster Tung Hu Ling, his grandfather, was exceptionally fond of him. Not only did the Grandmaster supervise his tai chi chuan practices personally, the Grandmaster was seldom seen without him at his side.

When he was in secondary school, he was already assisting his father Master Tung Kai Ying in giving instructions to students in his spare time. Later on, to assist his father, he became increasingly involved in the running and developing of the Taichi college. He also makes frequent trips abroad and within the United States to teach tai chi chuan. He is well liked by the many students that he has.

(Tekst og foto fra Tung Kai Yings hjemmeside)  

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